Liquor Delivery Bags

Provide tamper evidence to reduce fraud in transit.

Barcode to track and trace, Extra strong to hold multiple bottles Co-branding to reduce your costs.

Ensure your packaging is in line with global practices to avoid extra regulations in your state.

Also available bubble.

Tamper Evident Bags
(Offers Irreversible Proof Of Tampering)

Tamper Evident bags & envelopes are very high security products which leave an irreversible sign of tampering, giving a clear call for action to the sender or receiver of the package.
There are different levels of security in tamper evidence as explained below (show security levels image here)
Manufactured using co-extruded polymers they can be of any color or transparent and offer very high strength. Once closed they cannot be opened without leaving a trace.
These bags are widely used for transit of highly confidential documents, precious items like Examination Papers, Passport, Evidence For Police Dept, Batch Samples, Credit/debit card, Currency, Confidential Documents, Aviation, Forensic Labs, Gold Loan etc..

STEB's Bags

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has laid down norms for the secure transport of LAG’s (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) under which LAG’s once purchased by passengers from duty-free shops and undergoing the security checks or on boarding the aircraft are by ICAO rules placed into STEB for safe keeping.
Dynaflex is one of the few companies to be approved & accepted worldwide by ICAO.

Tamper Evident Bubble Mailers

These come with a higher level of tamper evidence security features giving an immediate irreversible sign that it’s been tampered with.
Used where chances of fraud are high like for shipping expensive items like mobile phones, jewellery precious stones etc. Where sign of tampering is needed.
There are two type of options hard bubble (inverted shape-where bubble is extruded directly on printed film) & soft bubble (protruded shape –where bubble is extruded separately and then heat laminated with printed film during bag making machine). For smaller volumes hard bubble is not possible.
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