Quality Lab

Track & trace up to raw material level available thanks to full operations on Microsoft ERP.

Fully equipped 24x7 run quality lab with hourly in-line inspections.

Universal Tensile Tester

Universal tensile tester is used to measure Tensile properties like tensile strength, elongation, seal strength, coefficient of friction, loop tack test & tear test.


Spectrophotometer used for both spot measurement & scans to better understand, control, manage, & communicate color across the entire workflow, avoiding reprints and rework.

Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuff resistance tester is used to measure ink adhesion strength on printed poly film.

Thickness Tester

Thickness tester is used to measure the thickness of poly film in microns.

Opacity Tester

Opacity tester is used to measure optical properties like Transparency & opacity of poly film.

Falling Dart Impact Machine

Falling dart impact machine is used to measure dart failure value of poly film in Gramsoly film.

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