Security Bags For Armored Car Companies

Dynaflex provide these Tamper evident Security Bank Deposit Bags for different banks, armored car companies, retail chain stores for the transportation and storage of Cash, Currency, and Checks. They come in different security levels of closure.

Coin Security Deposit Bags

Coin Deposit Bags are manufactured from a 3-layer specially formulated polymer are thick and sturdy for securing loose coins from, toll booths, laundry machines, coin-op vending machines, shops etc.

Great for any coin-operated business! 

ATM Cash Security Bags

These ATM cash machine security bags are designed to fit in any cash machine for collecting the cash deposited. These bags come with hole punch on top to fit in the machine and are auto sealed on opening of the cash machine door, thus preventing any manual contact with the cash inside.

 They come with different hole punch and air removal punch to suit the cash collection machine.

Permeable Security Bags

Permeable security bags are designed for use with dye-pack or ink bomb-enabled security transport systems, are an essential part of non-incendiary cash in transit system.

Security Bags For Retail

Used to pack cash in each shift for depositing / handing over to cash in transit agency.

They come With bar codes and writable panel so when opened for counting in front of cctv camera it clearly indicates which stage the fraud happens reducing disputes and frauds.

Currency Bundle Bags

Avoid stapling & use these compact, secure & economical solution, greatly reduces time & fraud. Used mainly by banks.

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