Soft Loop Bags

These external flexible handle bags are designed perfectly for more storage area with easy to carry features. The perfect partner for retail, trade shows, seminars promotions. These bags have flexible carry handles that are attached internally, help to improve comfort while carrying.

D-Cut handle / Top Fold

These punched out handles are economical and easy to store they offer a great value for retail outlets. 

A reinforced version this type of bag offers double the strength over a d-cut handle bag , used where heavier things are to be carried or for longer life.

Reinforce patch with
d-cut handle

The weakest part of the bag is the punched out handle part and this heat sealed patch reinforces exactly that giving it a long life.

Compostable Carry Bags

They are manufactured fully made from starch based material which are tear and weather-resistant.  And can be made to any of the 

They are used by companies who are looking for an alternate to plastic material. 

These are fully compostable at home or industrial composting units.

Draw string handle

The long loop, shoulder strap makes customers hands free to browse more increasing interaction and chances of sale. Strap length can be customized, very popular amongst teenagers.
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