Collation Shrink Films & Bags

These 3 layer co extruded ldpe, mdpe, lldpe films are very popular as a corrugated box replacement for bundling of bottles, cans, tetra packs etc. Offering high clarity from 50 microns onwards they offer great savings over conventional methods of packing.

  • Our film offers extra strength which prevents bottles falling out.
  • Superior sealing on the machines which prevent downtime.
  • Lower microns give more packs per roll resulting in fewer stoppages in roll changeover.
  • Very high quality graphics and branding .
  • All of the above gives the brand a superior customer/trade experience and lower returns.
  • Material: LDPE / LLDPE
  • Thickness: 50 to 150 micron
  • Recycled Content: Not Available
  • Maximum film size: 2.1 mtr
  • Printing: Upto eight colour / Photo print
Film Flat C Tube Plain Bag Printed Bag
Maximum 2.1 mtr. 2.1 mtr. 39″ x 98″ 29″ x 50″
Minimum 3″ x 3″ 4″ x 4″
  • Beverages (cans, glass and plastic bottles)
  • Bottled water
  • Pharmaceutical, Health & beauty aids
  • Products packed in bags, such as chemicals, cement, soil, peat, etc
  • Consumer good shrink bundler
  • Automotive & Industrial products
  • Large & small household appliances
  • Packaging materials & paper
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