Collation Shrink Films Plain & Printed

These 3 layer co extruded LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE films are very popular as a corrugated box replacement for bundling of bottles, cans, tetra packs etc. Offering high clarity from 50 microns onwards they offer great savings over conventional methods of packing.

With printing they offer superior branding and visual appeal at the retail shops.

Co-Extrusion Film

Made from 3 layer co-extrusion machines these films are used for applications like lamination, ffs machines, printing and converting, milk film, collation shrink films etc.

Properties like anti-skid, high gloss, matt, high clarity, controlled cof etc. are possible as required.

PE-PE Laminated Rolls

It is important for brands to design packaging which is recyclable, keeping this in mind we offer fully recyclable structure of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE & HDPE in bag and roll form

Great for –flour, Atta, salt, sugar, detergents & most non food applications etc.

Loop Handle Rolls

These rolls for making the loop handles & are used by companies which make soft loop bags. They are custom made and are available in many colors.

Bubble Rolls

These air cushion films are used to wrap items which need protection against shock.
Bubble film is a flexible plastic sheeting containing numerous small air pockets, used in cushioning items during shipment. Standard average bubble diameter is 6.0 – 25.4 mm and height about 4 mm.
Bubble wrap is lightweight, water resistant, reusable non-scratching. And commonly used for packing fragile items.
Available in clear, coloured film or custom printed with your branding, bubble rolls keep products securely in place while protecting them from shock, vibration and abrasion.
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