This Top E-Commerce Platform Used Dyna Corp’s Tamper-Evident Bags to Reduce Fraud by 99%


As a leading e-commerce website, this company receives, ships and delivers thousands of orders in a day. The company has processes in place to ensure that the product packages are safe throughout the packing-dispatch-shipping-delivery cycle. And yet, this company suffers a massive loss of 1 Crore rupees because this crucial cycle is vulnerable to the biggest thefts and frauds from both inside and outside the company.

Task at Hand

The company wanted to use a high-security packaging solution that could help them track the stage at which the fraud happens so that they can take immediate action and reduce fraud.


The leading e-commerce retailer reduced fraud by 99% and achieved a record industry standard.

Action Taken

Dyna Corp developed a strategic solution aligned with the client’s needs to develop a total packaging solution that tracked fraud at each stage of the package lifecycle. Dyna Corp used its decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to meet the demand. Dyna Corp sourced the raw materials needed for this project from 3 different continents to develop tamper-evident bags with a very strong mechanical construction. Each tamper-evident bag was created with a unique QR code and a highly advanced tamper-evident closure that can instantly and clearly show signs of tampering.

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