Using Dyna Corp’s Unique Packaging Solution, a Pressure Cooker Manufacturing Company Regains Its Market Share from Counterfeiters


A leading company in India, known for manufacturing pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances, was experiencing a massive cut in their profit margins as more than 65% of gaskets sold under their name were duplicates. This not only impacted their bottom line but also tarnished its brand image, compromised the safety of the pressure cooker, and increased the number of consumer complaints.

Task at Hand

Although there were numerous packaging options available in the market, they were complicated and were unable to help consumers differentiate the fakes from the originals. So, it was a challenge for Dyna Corp to come up with a packaging solution that was difficult for counterfeiters to copy and easy for consumers to differentiate between the real and the fake in the first glance itself.


The client was very happy with the packaging, and the company gradually regained its market share from the counterfeiters.

Action Taken

With the help of Dyna Corp’s world-class infrastructure and in-house expertise, Dyna Corp formulated a unique packaging solution that was difficult to replicate. It developed a gasket bag so different from the conventional packaging bags that it was a success from the word go.

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