A Premium US E-Commerce Retailer Gets Its Poly & Bubble Mailers Just in Time For Christmas Shipping


A buyer was in a dilemma as its current vendor was unable to execute a project of delivering e-commerce poly & bubble mailers in the required quality and the timeline for the most premium retailer in the USA, who is also known for being a stickler for quality and innovation.

Task at Hand

DynaCorp took this risky opportunity to break into the American market. The buyer had to deliver about 3 million pcs of e-commerce poly & bubble mailers within a few weeks with unique matt printing. Out of the 8 SKUs, 4 SKUs were not compatible with DynaCorp’s machinery. It was quite challenging as all this had to be done in a few weeks, which involved actual finished final product sampling in each SKU, which would take about 2 weeks itself, leaving only 2 weeks to dispatch.


Although the last 5% of the lot had to be airlifted, Dyna Corp was able to deliver the goods in time for the retailer’s Christmas shipping. The buyer was able to retain its decades-old customer whom he would've surely lost had the project failed. And Dyna Corp got the order for 2020 too. A win for everybody, indeed!

Action Taken

DynaCorp worked with multiple international vendors to develop the inks required, modified its machines to accommodate the 4 new SKUs, and did multiple sampling in the new SKUs.

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