Board of Director

Niranjan Vora,
Managing Director, Dynaflex Pvt. Ltd.

Post graduate in mechanical engineering from USA in the 60's. Mr. Niranjan Vora has worked with the then multinational Union Carbide for a few years and when they wanted him to shift to Japan; he decided to become an entrepreneur.

In 1971 he with his savings and Govt. loan given to technocrats, he was among India's first few to have started printed packaging company equipped with German machinery in Vadodara, thereby instrumental in ushering printed packaging instead of plain ones for national brands like Nirma, Tata salt including 100's of others.

The urge to be always ahead of the industry made him start Dynaflex Pvt Ltd. in 1985 where newer and most difficult products have been produced. It was Mr. Niranjan Vora's farsightedness; vision and ability to see the trend in the industry which made him install the state of art machinery for manufacturing security and tamper evident envelopes/bags.He was far ahead of his times.

Today @ 74 he is as actively involved in the day to day management of the Organization. He was the president of IFTA-Indian Flexographic Technological Association which promotes better quality of printing in the industry using flexographic printing technology.

Due to his guidance Dynaflex Pvt Ltd. is the front runner in the world producing such high security & tamper evident products where only a handful of such companies exists.


Gaurav Vora,
Director, Dynaflex Pvt Ltd

Mr. Gaurav Vora has more than 15 years of experience in specialty packaging and security products industry. A visionary, he developed the tamper evident line in India by supplying 1 crore such high security envelopes with the launch of Dhirubhai Ambani pioneer scheme where mobiles were going to be delivered across India by courier against global competition. He has taken extensive training in specialty packaging from Europe and has worked in similar global leading Companies in Scotland, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Siddharth Vora,
Director, Dynaflex Pvt Ltd

Mr. Siddharth Vora has more than 13 years of experience in specialty packaging and security products industry.

Siddharth completed his studies from Symbiosis institute of foreign trade in the year 1999. He spearheads Finance and Operations at the organization and is instrumental along with his family, of bringing this organization to this stage where they are leaders in security and tamper evident packaging envelopes.


For our day to day operations, Dyna corp and department heads are supported by the following functionaries in the below mentioned disciplines:

  • Sales
  • Costing
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • QA & QC
  • Marketing
  • Exports
  • PR/Corporate Communications
  • Designing
  • HR/Admin
  • Accounts
  • Supply Chain