Security Tamper Evident Bags

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has laid down norms for the secure transport of LAG's (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) under which LAG'S once purchased by passengers from duty-free shops after passing through security or on board the aircraft are by ICAO rules placed into a STEB for safe keeping. Dynaflex is an ICAO approved STEB manufacturer.

The company happens to be India's first ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) approved STEB manufacturer.

STEB's in popular sizes:

No Size (In mm)(w x h) Product Type Micron Carrying Quantity Specification
1 800 x 620 STEB 100 Jumbo XL European
2 380 x 550 STEB 70 More than 100ml European
3 250 x 385 STEB 60 100ml or less European

No Size (In mm)(w x h) Product Type Micron Type Size Specification
1 450 x 250 STEB 68.75 Small Regular
2 550 x 360 STEB 75 Medium Regular
3 550 x 420 STEB 75 Large Regular
4 550 x 560 STEB 87.5 XL Regular

Other Sizes and Thickness available on Request.

Special Features:

  • Extremely strong and tear-resistant co extruded transparent polyethylene
  • Strong carrying handles, even for heavy weights
  • Available in 4 standard sizes - for small perfume flacons up to magnum bottles
  • Robust flat seam with security micro print along the edge seals
  • Individual advertising is possible on the reverse side