Packing List Envelopes/Document Pouch

These are manufactured from 40 micron clear polyethylene with three strips of adhesive on rear covered with release liners.

These adhesive holders are attached/adhered to Cartons/Boxes, Woven sacks, Drums, Courier bags etc. allowing for waybill, consignment notes etc. to be inserted. The clear material allows for the waybill etc. to be easily read through the pouch.


The total closure of the waybill holder ensures that the document does not work loose and get lost in transit and are protected from adverse weather.

  • Come in packs of 1000, available in ready stock
  • For personalization minimum quantity required is 10,000 pieces per design

Packing List Envelopes/Document Pouch in available sizes (in ready stock): BUY NOW FROM

No SIZE Product Type Micron
1 4.5 x 6 Packing List (3 Strip) 40
2 6 x 7.5 Packing List (3 Strip) 40
3 6 x 9.5 Packing List (3 Strip) 40
4 10 x 12 Packing List (3 Strip) 40

Other Sizes and Thickness available on Request.

Total width is 15mm bigger than the inside dimension